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Using Keywords In Your Content

Keywords are the words people use when they enter words in a search engine. These are the words you should include on your web page. Do research using Google's keyword tool to find the best keywords to use for your website. Use one or two keywords per page. Use the template below as a guide to keyword placement

<TITLE>The title of your page goes here.</TITLE> - put keywords in your title
<meta name="Description" content="Description of your page"/> - put keywords in your description
<meta name="Keywords" content="keyword 1, keyword 2, etc"/> - put keywords in here 
Some search engines like Google no longer index keywords in this location but you can still include keywords here for those that do.


<H1>Headline</H1>- put keywords in your headline

<img src="imagefile.jpg" alt="Keywords here">- put keywords in your alt tag

Variations of your keywords should appear several times in the text of your webpage. Do not include too many keywords in your text. Search engines companies refer to this a "keyword stuffing". Use the webpages of companies that rank high for any given search as a guide.